Zynga Unleashed Event – Several New Announcements Made



At the Zynga Unleashed event in the company’s brand new headquarters in San Francisco, Zynga announced several new games in development.

The new games included Castleville, the next game in its “-ville” series, Mafia Wars 2 (which is live on Google+ and Facebook right now) and Hidden Chronicles, the first “hidden object” game from Zynga, Zynga Casino (which will include Zynga Bingo). The company also announced five new mobile games, including DreamZoo (where you collect animals to put in a zoo) and Mafia Shakedown, the first extension of the Mafia Wars franchise to mobile.

Here is the bits of information that were released on each game:

Castleville – It’s a new level of social, and offers the best of all the Ville games have to offer.The game has a whole new cast of characters, who look like they are from Shrek, complete with rugged heros and refined ladies who fall in love.CastleVille takes storytelling to a whole new level, and in a personal way. Your journey through the game is different based on who you are.Zynga is bringing massively mutliplayer role-playing games to the mass market.The music in CastleVille will have music from an entire orchestra that was recorded in Seattle. Zynga says this is the first time this has been done in a social game, although it is common in console games.

Hidden Chronicles – In the Ramsey Manor you will build customize and express. Play with friends and see who can find the most hidden objects. Zynga showed a scene at a cafe in Paris and then an underwater treasure hunt. “A new and unique art style for Zynga.” They’re bringing it to Facebook soon.

Mafia Wars 2 – The “edgiest” Zynga game ever. You make “mad stacks of cash” in the game. You blow up casinos asynchronously with friends. Killing bosses is a big part of the game. You can’t advance in the game until you kill the bosses. Now live on Facebook and Google+

Mafia Wars Shakedown – A mobile version of Mafia Wars, you’ll be able to request missions and have the opportunity to be the next “Don.” This game will be coming soon, so stay tuned.

DreamZoo – Zynga’s first game in the zoo genre. Raise exotic animals in a zoo with no cages. You can collect animal varieties and feed and clean your animals.

Zynga Casino – Seems to be an update of Zynga Poker which will now include Zynga Bingo and possibly other casino type games.

The biggest announcement that awed the masses was that of Project Z, which is a Facebook Connect enabled platform. It allows you to play in an environment that’s tailored just for games. In a sneak peak, a video says players are able to chat, share and for instant communities worldwide. It’s a social gaming playground. You can start a game on Project Z and then continue on Facebook and vice versa. It’s not launching today, but people can start creating a gamer tag (zTag) starting worldwide today.

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