Zenonia 4 – Highly Anticipated Sequel Now Available on the Android Market


Leading mobile games publisher and developer GAMEVIL announced ZENONIA 4 is now available on the Android Market. It is the highly-anticipated newest installment of the award-winning ZENONIA role-playing game series, which has reached 16 million cumulative downloads worldwide.

For the first time, the game has been optimized to take advantage of HD displays in the latest Android devices, boasting visuals more stunning and clearer than ever before. New gameplay mechanics such as transformations, beast summons and touchscreen-gesture combat combos make for a dynamic and immersive experience.

ZENONIA 4’s Player vs. Player arenas now include new 2-on-2 battles and a mercenary-for-hire system. Intrepid adventurers can choose from four classes, three difficulty levels, numerous weapons and skill upgrades to defeat a host of monsters and legendary bosses. Fans of the series will also be delighted that the expansive story delves deeper into beloved characters from previous games, as they come together to defeat a rising ancient evil.

“The series has gained a multi-million fanbase over the years and we set out to wow them all with our best-looking ZENONIA ever” said Kyu Lee, VP and Head of GAMEVIL USA, Inc. “We’re very excited that our Android fans will be able to enjoy the enhanced gameplay features and brand new adventure of ZENONIA 4 for free.”

ZENONIA® 4 is available now for FREE from the Android Market, or at https://market.android.com/details?id=com.gamevil.zenonia4.global.

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1 comment for “Zenonia 4 – Highly Anticipated Sequel Now Available on the Android Market

  1. 02/13/2012 at 8:09 PM

    The thing that sucks though is that even though ZENONIA 3 and 4 are free (as they are on the iOS), they aren’t really free. You need to make in-app purchases to get certain items that were free in the other games, which includes items that offset death penalties and such.

    Of course, you can get around this by simply hard-closing the game in the event of your death so that the progress isn’t saved. :)

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