[TGS 2012] Yaiba Officially Announced and Re-Named as Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z


History is in the making as two of the world’s most renowned game developers today announce their collaboration on a new action game that fuses the best elements from their respective expertise. From Team NINJA and legendary producer Keiji Inafune, comes a new game project involving zombies, action, ninjas and mechs. Revealed as YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z, the game is currently under early development between Inafune’s studio, comcept, and Team NINJA, with co-development by Spark Unlimited. Although no further details on the game are being disclosed, fans can get a tantalizing glimpse at YAIBA in a new teaser video released today by Team NINJA and comcept.

“We have always wanted to work alongside the legendary Keiji Inafune and his idea for the YAIBA project takes what he does best and combines it with what Team NINJA does best to create a unique experience action gamers can really look forward to,” said Yosuke Hayashi, leader of Team NINJA. “The process of creating YAIBA as a collaborative extended team promises to be an interesting and fulfilling journey for players as well as our development studios.”

Well-known worldwide as the creator of Mega Man, Inafune has produced many popular game series including Onimusha, Dead Rising and Resident Evil. After being asked repeatedly by fans when his next zombie game was coming, Inafune began working on the concept for YAIBA. His goal was to bring to life a novel zombie game that was unconventional while still evoking the qualities players have loved in games of the past. To do so, comcept sought after Team NINJA, whose proven talent for true action will help to realize YAIBA.

“When you think of Inafune you think of zombies, and when you think of Team NINJA you are aware of their heritage in creating great ninja games,” said Keiji Inafune, founder of comcept. “So it was natural to combine these ideas in an organic way when I started thinking about my next game project. I believe players will really enjoy the YAIBA idea of creating a spectacular game experience around zombies, ninja, action and mechs.”

YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z will be developed for consoles and published by Tecmo Koei. The game’s ship date has not yet been announced. More information will be revealed as YAIBA continues its journey from concept to a finished game.

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