Worldwide Release Of “LAST CLOUDIA” Mobile RPG Coming Soon from AIDIS


AIDIS, Inc., a global mobile games developer and publisher, today announced that mobile role-playing game Last Cloudia will be released globally later this year after recently launching locally in Japanese. The strategy RPG features an expansive domain with cinematic-style landscapes and a deep storyline that depicts humans collaborating with monsters to save the world together. Players will embark on an epic adventure with Kyle, an impulsive knight with master swordsmanship, and his friend Rei, a brash one-winged beast with amnesia, as they encounter friends and foes.

Players will enjoy a dynamic real-time battle system featuring detailed pixel art characters, stunning visual effects, and lush 3D backgrounds. Unique characters have highly flexible skills, empowering players to create teams with customized battle styles. Last Cloudia’s “Arcs” are special artifacts that can be equipped to any character to immediately boost stats and permanently master skills over time, such as increasing damage for specific enemies, speeding recovery, and many more.

“We are pleased that a worldwide launch of Last Cloudia has been widely anticipated among the RPG community,” said Hiroshi Sasako, Last Cloudia Producer at AIDIS. “As we share this exciting adventure with a global audience, we look forward to building an international community around the game.”

The upcoming free-to-play mobile game will be available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. For more information and to receive updates on the game, follow @lastcloudiaen on Twitter and Facebook.

Message from the CEO, Mr. Hayakashi Hisatoshi
For everyone who has been anticipating the release of Last Cloudia English version, we are now proudly announcing the decision of the release of Last Cloudia in English.

Last Cloudia is a fascinating fantasy game depicting the bond between human and beast.
In pursuit of a high-quality product, we included elements like profound worldview, a breathtaking battle of pixel characters we grew up on, and we have continued to develop the game with the belief that it will be welcomed by overseas players in mind. I am extremely excited the English version is about to release at last.

Our team will continue to create content and pour our hearts and souls into the game development for overseas players to enjoy as much as we do. Be sure to check back as Last Cloudia in English is just around the corner.

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