Wooga brings a ‘Magical Land’ to Facebook


Wooga founder and CEO Jens Begemann unveiled Magic Land today at the GDC Europe Conference today in his key-note speech. Their newest entry in the social gaming genre.

Begemann elaborated, “Social games will make the games industry the definitive medium for mass entertainment. Even today, many games reach more people on a daily basis than the major television formats. The next step in the evolution will be to increase a player’s identification with the game by increasing the game depth combined with more developed social cooperation, interaction and communication.
We are heading in this direction with ‘Magic Land’.”

The newest social game ‘Magic Land’ from wooga, the world’s second largest provider of social games, is now available on Facebook. Its engaging story unites medieval customs and legends in a mix of role-playing, village building simulation and adventure features. For a Facebook game, ‘Magic Land’ offers especially well-developed characters, high-quality graphics and gameplay that provides long-term fun with real friends.

The kingdom of ‘Magic Land’ is ruled justly and wisely by King Artie and Queen Carmen, but strange things are happening. An impenetrable fog has covered large parts of ‘Magic Land’, hiding evil trolls and goblins. Otherwise friendly dragons have turned against the citizens – one of them has even kidnapped the royal children. Players are challenged to free the princess and prince while building their own kingdom. To prepare for battle, players must clear their kingdom from the gloomy fog, pet unicorns, defeat monsters, gain allies and build a flourishing town. In addition to constructing a grand castle, players must farm food in order to feed their followers and conjure up a majestic feel in the kingdom with beautiful decorations such as flowers. The king and many other lovingly-designed allies, like the Ozzy the wizard or Sir Fears-a-lot the knight, ask the players for help in fantastic missions whose completion will slowly reveal the magical story of the kingdom.

When collecting items and mastering tasks, the focus is on the shared game experience with friends. The daily visit of friendly kingdoms will be rewarded and some tasks, such as the big castle-warming party in the player’s own castle, can only be finished with the help of friends. The creativity and variety that raises ‘Magic Land’ above other social games can be attributed to the international developer team from eleven different countries that has been polishing the game with a lot of love for the last six months in Berlin. Additional social features will introduce never-before-seen social interaction with friends and continue the thrilling story. They are already in the works and will expand the game in weekly updates.

In addition, ‘Magic Land’ appears in seven languages and will have an HTML5 add-on ‘Magic Land – Island’, which will provide a continuation of the game on smartphones.


  • Top quality graphics with lovingly designed details
  • Thrilling and continuing story with captivating game objectives
  • Social interaction embedded in the game
  • Adventure features encouraging players to explore the map
  • Countless fabulous puzzles and missions with stirring and humorous
  • Launch in seven languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish,
    Portuguese and Turkish)
  • Robust city-building simulation with agriculture, house and castle
    construction, decorations, and boosts


  •   HTML5 expansion ‘Magic Land – Island’ – for cross-platform game fun also on the way
  •   Three expansions to the map and character customization

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