Woodford Design Announces the Launch of FridgePad II



Woodford Design are pleased to announce the launch of the FridgePad II via crowd funding site Kickstarter. The FridgePad was the original magnetic iPad fridge mount and the FridgePad II is a ground up redesign incorporating new features and compatibility with the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

With the iPad being the perfect device for using in and around the home the FridgePad II creates the ideal place to display and store your iPad. As the kitchen is at the heart of every home, using the FridgePad II means your iPad is always available and ready to use when needed; from checking the weather forecast in the morning to looking up recipes for dinner. The FridgePad II keeps your iPad out of harms way and out of reach from the pesky kids and slobbering pets.


“Customers tell us just how much they love the FridgePad and that they couldn’t live without it. A simple idea that actually helps you use your iPad even more as you always know where it is” Jon Woodford – CEO

Utilizing 8 rare earth neodymium magnets to securely clamp to your refrigerator door with such force that the door can still be slammed by moody unruly teenagers without any worry.


The FridgePad II can now be rotated 360° for easy landscape and portrait viewing or just to view that photo that never seems to display the right way up!

The FridgePad II is now case based so you get a high quality polycarbonate snap-on case that can also be used off the FridgePad II or your iPad can be easily unclipped if you like to use it in its naked form.

Want to mount your iPad elsewhere, no problem, the FridgePad II can also be wall mounted.

  • iPad Air
  • iPad 2,3,4
  • iPad Mini
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