With Only 7 Days Left, Pro Pinball Kickstarter Makes its Final Push for Backers


As Silverball Studios sees the end of the Kickstarter campaign; for the no-compromise revival and rebuilding of the legendary Pro Pinball series, looming, the studio have launched the #PinballNeedsYou campaign to rally the support of fans and backers to push the funding from 24% to 100% in the 7 remaining days.

The studio have produced wallpapers, avatars and banners (which can be downloaded at the bottom of this release) for fans and supporters to put on the screens of their PCs, Macs, iPads, smartphones and on their Facebook, Twitter profiles and blogs; with beautifully rendered imagery and the #PinballNeedsYou tag on. They have even made the images high enough res for people to print out and put up as posters.

“With only a week to go we are really hoping that those who have got behind us can help us push this out to their friends, colleagues and contacts. If everyone supporting us could get one person to get behind us too, we might just make it!” Said Adrian Barritt, CEO of Silverball Studios.

The Studio hope that if all the avid pinball game supporters, fans and backers help to get the message out the project will have new life breathed into it. With only 7 DAYS TO GO. It is all hands on deck to get #PinballNeedsYou on every Facebook page, Twitter and website going.

The studio has also offered a first glimpse into what the games will look like if their target it hit. The release of two examples of production graphics demonstrate the level of realism the studio is going to be able to create if the project is able to go ahead.

The team at Silverball are some of the best in the World and not many know pinball better than us.” Said Adrian Barritt, CEO of Silverball Studios.

“We have some incredible capabilities, that coupled with our perfectionism allows us to be able to produce pinball games of the absolute highest standard and realism. It is not just about the graphics either, the physics engine we are evolving will be second to none and will allow all five tables to play as if they were the real thing!” Barritt added.

The team behind the development of the project are the very same that created new pinball games; Mario Pinball Land, Metroid Prime Pinball, Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon and Frogger Pinball, and have partnered with the pinball legend Pat Lawlor, creator of the best selling pinball table of all time, The Addams Family, and the highest rated pinball table of all time, The Twilight Zone.

“We’ve only got a week left on our Pro Pinball Kickstarter campaign (http://kck.st/SiUqHY) and we really need to gain that extra support now to make this a reality.” said Pat Lawlor.

“Kickstarter projects are strange as many people don’t back a project they don’t think will succeed, which can turn it into a self fulfilling prophecy. But there are millions of pinball fans out there, who I know would love what we are proposing, but they just need to hear about it from existing backers through the #PinballNeedsYou campaign and get behind us!” Added Lawlor.

The campaign to fund the revival and remastering of Pro Pinball has a week left on the clock and the project sits at nearly 25% funded; with the team needing to raise a minimum of $400,000.

The campaign, if fully funded, will see the development team create a brand new ultimate Pro Pinball table, designed by the legendary Pat Lawlor as well as fully re-creating from scratch the four original Pro Pinball tables for various platforms, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PS3, PSVita and XBLA, to name but a few. “The scope of the project effectively means we´re building five new pinball games from scratch!” said Adrian Barritt.

If there is a pinball fan out there who has not yet been to the campaign site and pledged to help this project succeed then I implore them to do so now. I was delighted to be asked to be involved with this project and am therefore eager to hit the Kickstarter target and get started.” said Pat Lawlor.

Just by visiting the Kickstarter page fans are able to download a free original Pro Pinball table, on pledging just $2 or more backers will also receive two other original tables on success of the project. These rewards are on top of the existing items, including signed boxed copies of the tables in the series; classic and new, and the opportunity to appear on the back-glass of the new table, drawn by the great John Youssi; the artist responsible for a the back-glass artwork for The Addams Family, The Twilight Zone and Medieval Madness. Plus the team are creating a series of metal Pro Pinball badges in Bronze, Silver and Gold; and these collectors’ items will only be available to the Kickstarter backers.

To visit the Kickstarter page to pledge your support and share, please visit: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1790321238/pro-pinball-revived-and-remastered

To help us share the news on Facebook or Twitter please go: www.facebook.com/propinball and

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