Want to Test Your IQ? GAMeSPORT Announces the Release of IQ Pro


The GAMeSPORT gaming studio has taken the gamble to make available for any and everyone the specialized tests of Intellectual Quotient.

After 6 months of hard work, our studio is proud to present IQ Pro, two IQ tests launched on mobile, in order to measure one’s logical thinking. It has been calibrated on more than 2000 people and will give the best analysis possible, based on Raven’s Progressive Matrices.

Answer the 40 questions within the given time, without any exterior help or disturbances to obtain your results. If you wish to, you’ll be able to share them with your friends and compare your results to theirs, as well as with your favorite celebrities’ whose IQ has also been evaluated.

The app, developed with the help of a psychologist specialized in Intelligence Quotient tests, is free and has been available on Android and iOS since July 1st 2018.

IQ Pro is GAMeSPORT’s first app, a Parisian studio who’s planning on launching 3 new games by 2018.

Google Play – App on Android
App Store – App on iOS

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