The Lost Shapes – Casting its Spell on Your iOS Device


dreamfab and RockAByte today released their magical mobile iOS game, The Lost Shapes, on the iTunes App Store. Join the ranks of wizards who are training to master an enchanted game of skill and wit, which tests your puzzle-solving powers for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store:

Under the guidance of your teacher Willow, a mysterious wizard, progress from novice shape builder to conjurer of intricate patterns through 30 missions in Shape Mode, and create as many of those shapes as possible before the tile queue fills up in Survival Mode. Special tiles with bombs, snowflakes, and nukes can clear obstacles, freeze the tile queue, or clear almost the entire board to keep the flow of magical shapes going. As the game progresses, Willow will slowly reveal where he comes from and who he really is.

Of course, the most prolific wizards will get to fly on their broomsticks to the top of the Game Center leaderboards.

If you haven’t already seen the magic in action, watch the beautiful trailer, complete with soothing music and loud explosions below:

About The Lost Shapes

Prepare for a brain tease with the art of Magic Chess, a game which revives the power of ancient shapes, sun, moon, and stars, and is all the rage among magical folk! Follow your teacher Willow, a wizard with a mysterious past, as he trains you to create shapes within a limited amount of time with decorated tiles that can be lined up to form shapes and patterns in Shape Mode and Survival Mode. In Shape Mode Willow will take you through 30 missions of building simple shapes and then advancing to intricate patterns. Survival Mode tasks players with creating as many of those shapes and patterns as possible to level up endlessly. All shape building must be done as quickly as possible to keep the score multiplier high and the tile queue open. If the tile queue gets full, it’s game over!

Just when players think they have their hand on Magic Chess, the game will display an even wider variety of tiles. Bomb tiles blow away obstacles on the board so nothing stands in the way of making a shape. Snowflake tiles freeze the tile queue to buy time. Nuke tiles clear the board when it gets too full. Locked tiles can’t be moved once they are placed. And numbered tiles can be used more than once.

The game is localized in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese so more iOS wizards have the chance to become a Magic Chess champion.

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