The Line HD – New Version Set to Launch on September 29th


Free Version and Latest Paid for Version Set to Launch on September 29th, 2011

Players of Ant Hive Games much praised iPad Game, The Line HD, can now get going for free thanks to a plucky marketing move by Eddie which will let players navigate the central character through the first 50 levels of his dot line universe for free from September 29th.

And for skeptics who think this is nothing than a cheap marketing ploy to lure you in, don’t be fooled: the high level intricacy of The Line HD FREE will provide more than a match for many a casual player – such is the quick wittedness and dexterity needed to prevent Eddie falling into the many traps and dead-ends that lie in his way.

For those players who can successfully help Eddie through the first 50 free levels another 175 are available incrementally through in-app purchases of $.99 per pack. And for those “hard-liners” who reckon they can quickly reach the upper echelons of Eddie’s universe, the latest full version of the game, The Line HD v3 will also be available for global release from September 29th, at $1.99.

About the Game

The Line is a new innovative action puzzle game that requires a heavy dose of both logic and skill.

In the Line you meet Eddy who is confined to the line from which he was spawned. As his guardian you are tasked with protecting him from the many dangers he will encounter as he makes is way ever forward.

This is primarily accomplished by drawing and erasing lines from his environment to find him safe passage. In addition to fire and ice spells to control his speed, you will also have access to catapults and bumpers to shoot him over and around danger.

Along the way you will encounter 160 levels filled with logic puzzles wrought with many hazards, such as electrical beams, burning coils, acid droppers, angry slugs, explosive mines, and the dreaded line shark.

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