Stylish Puzzle Platformer KLAUS Launches on PS4


LOGOKLAUS02He doesn’t know who or where he is. He just woke up with the name KLAUS on his arm. Prepare to step into the tiny shoes of one man trying to uncover the mystery of his identity and to figure out why he’s awoken in a dank, dark basement. Officially launching on the PlayStation 4 today, La Cosa Entertainment’s puzzle platformer, KLAUS, blends stylized artwork with a non-intrusive narrative and controls unique to the PS4 platform.

The world of KLAUS is a strange one made of stark color contrasts with many perilous objects standing in the way of our protagonist’s goal. Manipulate pieces of the environment using the DualShock 4 touchpad and help reveal the mystery of our swift jumper. Is the player in control of his movements? Does he want to be controlled? What other mysteries have yet to be discovered?


Focusing solely on the PS4 platform has also helped the developers at La Cosa Entertainment add many more elements to the game than originally planned. “We’ve been working on Klaus for two years now, and have seen it change a lot. It’s never looked better or has been closer to our original vision,” said Victor Velasco, La Cosa Entertainment’s creative director and game designer. “Our only hope is that the players find Klaus’ memories and discover his identity.”

Unlock collectibles in unique stages that embody the psyche of our troubled protagonist, but be wary, many of those stages manipulate what the player has learned already. Challenging boss battles will test a player’s resolve as well as every skill he or she has learned along the way to solving the mystery and the meaning of KLAUS.

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