Starhawk Launch Trailer Arrives Ahead of Release


Dropping onto the Playstation 3 this Tuesday (May 8th) Sony and LightBox Interactive has released the launch trailer for their third-person shooter Starhawk today. Here’s some deets in case this one slipped under your radar..

Set in the lawless frontier of space, Starhawk provides fast paced shooter action allowing players to instantly alter the battlefield by calling down offensive and defensive structures to your advantage in real-time from an orbiting drop ship, all while blasting away at enemies in the middle of huge single player or multiplayer firefights. Experience the intense frenetic combat on foot, in landvehicles, or in the skies while playing a full singleplayer campaign, engaging in epic 32 player battles online, or teaming up with friends in offline and online co-operative play.

Features Include:

  • Intense Air, Ground, and Vehicular Combat – Experience action-packedrun and gun gameplay on foot orpilot vehicles for an incredible rangeof combat.
  • New Build & Battle System – Change the battlefield to youradvantage and call downequipment, vehicles andfortifications instantly from anorbiting drop ship.
  • Full Single Player Campaign and Co-op Modes – Bring justice to thelawless frontier of space as outcast gunslinger Emmett Graves or team up with friends in 1-4 online or offline player co-op mode.
  • Epic 32 Online Multiplayer Battles – Engage opponents via multiple maps spanning various unique worlds.
  • Fully Leverages PlayStation 3 – Starhawk’s breadth of gameplay that spans multiple modes (air, ground, vehicular), as well as the innovative Build & Battle system can only be done seamlessly, without pause, on PS3.
  • Dogfighting in Space – Starhawk’s solo and online multiplayer campaign will include space flight gameplay (picture fighting through massive space stations and asteroids), in addition to the action-packed run and gun ground combat on foot or in different vehicles.
  • Community Features – Player hosted tournaments, leaderboards, and clan support with additional friends list and quick match features. Users can also keep up to date with the community events calendar, ticker tape updates, and a Starhawk Android app that will allow users to keep track of friends, clan mates, and stats when not online.

Now then, on with the launch trailer!

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