Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game: Ghost Expansion (Table Top)

Xwing by FFG

Xwing by FFG

Title: Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game: Ghost Expansion
Developer: Fantasy Flight Games
Publisher:Fantasy Flight Games
Genre: Sci-Fi Strategy
Platform: 3 feet on a side square
Price: $49.99
Rating: 14 and up
Release Date: Out Now

I leave the Gamblers’ Anonymous meeting the same way I entered, disheartened and broke.  The moral of the story is never bet on a snail named Jerry Jett.  With a three and a half minute time on an eight inch track you figure he’d be safe to back on a ten incher when you get good odds.

Of course, the bastard son of a mollusk gastropod pulls a right juke out the gate and slimes off the course for an immediate, or as immediate as a moderately fast snail can be, DQ.  I guess it’s a good thing none of the kids I know I have are smart enough for college, because I just lost the equivalent of a semester at community college.

Had I won, I wouldn’t have the money anyway as the track got busted and everyone promptly pretended to have gotten lost on the way to the urinal.  Sixteen guys looking for a place to pee at the same time in a dive bar rated for max occupancy thirty was a bit much for the vice detective to buy and the judge was unamused at me being back so quick and ordered me to add GA to AA and recommended I go to church as well.

Since the wife hasn’t seen me in three days I better show up with cash so I hit up Scrub.  Good at Magic and worse than me at X-Wing, but always down for a game, so I figure I can take him for a quick bennie and buy the missus a dinner at Red Lobster to smooth over my absence.

I grab the latest ship off the shelf, promise Cheese I’ll close out my tab at the end of the month and proceed to table Scrub without losing a single ship of my three-man formation.

I think I’m in love.The Ghost

The Ghost is part of Wave VIII from Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing Miniatures game.   Based off the ship of the same name in the Star Wars: Rebels cartoon that shows the continuing adventures of a ragtag group of resistance fighters five years before a New Hope.

As a ship, it’s massive, almost too large to be in Large Ship category.  It’s near the same size as the Gozanti-class Imperial Assault carrier that harasses it in the cartoons (and on the table if you got one).  It features a stand built strictly for the Ghost, the much smaller Phantom shuttle, and all the cards and tokens you need to put her into play under a number of configurations.

The model itself is up to the standards of all the X-Wing models.  Well-made and suitably detailed with a mediocre paint job.  Nothing a good coat of wash and lightly highlighting won’t fix.  I’m rather disappointed that the shuttle does not attach to the Ghost itself, like they did with the Gozanti and the four Tie attachments.  Seems to be a waste of an opportunity no to give the Phantom folding wings and let it slide into the rear of the Ghost when not deployed.

The cars themselves feature new artwork for the crew done in the more realistic style of the X-Wing game and not the cartoons.  Honestly, it’s lacking.  The crew, especially Sabine and Kanan come off looking more like mediocre cosplayers than adaptations of their television appearances.

There is also a huge oversight in the load-out options included.  The Ghost is begging for Cluster Mines instead of a Conner Net.  So grab your Tie Punisher and Sabine when you play this, you will not be disappointed.  I also would have liked to have seen an Extra Munitions card coming with it.  For many Rebellion only players, this maybe their first large ship and with the usefulness of these cards to the Ghost, they really should have been included.

fieldOn the table, the Ghost is a hard punching tank with a four in its primary weapon and a total of sixteen damage capacity.  This finally gives the Rebellion something that can stand toe-to-toe with the Imperial Devastator, something they desperately need considering the Devastator’s dominance in tournament play.  The prior heavy hitting tank, the Falcon came in at just thirteen capacity and a three primary weapon.  The reality is the Ghost is cheaper, tougher, and hits harder than the Falcon.  You lose a single die of agility between the two, but the Ghost gets the Evade ability and a much larger range of load-out options due to the extra Torpedo slot and Turret Slot.

But it needs that capacity.  With no evade dice you’ll take a lot of hits.  Using the new Reinforced Shields modification mitigates some of that, but still expect to take a pounding.

She’s a great ship and a good addition to your arsenal.  In 6 matches with her and learning under fire in a tournament setting she held her own and became my favorite large ship thanks to the combination of endurance and outright punishing firepower.  You do need to learn to maneuver her to get maximum usage of the dual firing arcs and avoid the urge to overload her at the expense of the rest of your list.  If you play X-Wing and play the Rebellion, get her, you will not be disappointed.

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