Star Wars Destiny (Table Top)


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Title:Star Wars Destiny
Developer: Fantasy Flight Games
Publisher:Fantasy Flight Games
Genre: Hybrid Card and Dice
Platform: I like a nice pad to roll on

My team of Qui Gon, Rey, and Busty Alien Padawan Chick

My team of Qui Gon, Rey, and Busty Alien Padawan Chick (plus BB8.  Qui Gon is dead, just like Episode 1)

Price: $14.99 Starter Deck, $2.99 for 5 card and 1 die booster
Rating: 10 and up
Release Date: December 1, 2016

I’m sitting across from a guy who is concentrating way too hard for a no money game as I stare down at three unfamiliar cards in my hand and five oversized dice on my side of the table. I think I see sweat forming on his brow while Beth with the Blood Colored Hair flips through a trade magazine while waiting for her opponent to return to the table.

You can’t even call it ultra-low stakes since the stakes are nil and the competition so laid back people aren’t afraid the leave the table mid game to take a whiz.

But you can call it Star Wars: Destiny, the latest entry from Fantasy Flight Games to beat some cash out of the bloated and putrid cow that is Star Wars

It’s this mish-mash of collectable game mechanics designed to separate geeks from their money

And it works, both in taking cash and as a game. A team of characters along with their accompanying dice like Dice

Grievous leads a couple schmoes into battle.

Grievous leads a couple schmoes into battle.

Masters and a play deck like Magic. But what changes it is the slow pace of the game. That’s Chess like in that you get one move before your opponent does. It slows the game, but doesn’t make it boring as you now have to plan out your moves yet still have the flexibility to respond to your opponent.

Despite the pacing, the game is still brisk. A game clocks in at fifteen to twenty minutes, I’ve played cash-money checkers matches that take longer.

Quality wise, this game is a step above everything else on the market. The dice are big, and colorful with full color art printed on them. The art is supposedly done using a new technology so the art doesn’t wear off, we’ll have to see about that But they feel good, balanced, and roll smoothly with the rounded edges and corners. The cards feature the same quality and style of art that X-Wing does and are printed on a thicker card stock than your average CCG card It makes them feel more durable and more comfortable in your hand without card sleeves when compared to standard game cards.

It plays well, it scratches and itch, and it’s fun.  So I have to recommend this, even if cash games are hard to find.


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