Sonic Generations Demo Now Available


According to vg247, Sega has released the demo for Sonic Generations on the XBOX Live Marketplace and Playstation Network Store as a Gold Exclusive. It weighs in at 652 mb for North America and 664 Mb on Europe’s PSN Store. Reportedly the demo contains Act 1 of the Green Hill Zone and you play as “Chubby Sonic”. Sonic Generations releases in November 2011 on the 3DS and probably around the same time for PS3 and the XBOX 360.

Also today is Sonic’s 20th Anniversary so I expect we’ll see more news from Sega as their main man Sonic celebrates the big 2-0.


Source: VG247

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2 comments for “Sonic Generations Demo Now Available

  1. 06/23/2011 at 3:55 PM

    Very neat. Still, I think that after Sonic Adventure and especially after Sonic Heroes, the series has gotten a bit stale. I’m looking forward to a game that revitalizes it, and I’m hoping this game may very well be the one that can do that.

    Whatever happened to Episode 2 of “Sonic 4.” Did they ever release it?

    • 06/23/2011 at 4:08 PM

      It was interesting, but with only being one level and the demo available for 20 days it’s really just a bit of a tease, and interesting tease, but still just a tease heh.

      I don’t know to be honest with you, I’d forgotten all about that one XD

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