Solstice Chronicles: MIA Now Available on Steam


Grunt: “Hi. I’m the nameless lead character in Ironward’s new tactical twin-stick shooter, Solstice Chronicles: MIA. And this here is…”

Friendly, female, robotic voice: “Saffron, your trusty drone companion, ready to assist you with a wide arsenal of abilities as you attempt to escape the infernal pit of doom that is the Corporation’s abandoned Martian colony.”

“Yes… Saffron. Thank you. We’re supposed to be telling you…” [shooting] “… that…” [shooting, explosion] “…Solstice Chronicles: MIA is out on Steam today for just $19.99, with a 10% launch discount.” [distant otherwordly cries] “What the hell was that?”

“I believe that would be one of the larger, more dangerous mutants roaming these halls. It sounds like it may be mad that you’re shooting its friends… babies? I cannot explain what they are. Maybe if you gave me a gun I could help.”

[shooting] “You can help, you know!” [shooting] “You mentioned your ‘wide arsenal of abilities’? Remember? You’re supposed to be helpful!” [shooting… click, click]

“Yes, right. Shall I go get you some ammo? You seem to have run out.”

“YES! Hurry up, dammit! Before you go, use your bomb module to give me a bit of space?” [Saffron detonates the bomb, stunning and destroying nearby mutants into gross, slimy bits of mutant gunk] “There we go. Thank you. So as I was saying… Solstice Chronicles: MIA is out now, and there’s even this fancy launch trailer that also stars me and Saffron here, and will tell you a lot more about the game. And you won’t have to read anymore, which makes life easier for everyone. I know how hard it is to read.”

Saffron, returning with provisions: “Did you tell them about all the different character classes, like the Terminator, with its teleport skills? Hellfire? If you were Hellfire class, you could be using a flamethrower to burn these mutants, you know. And did you tell them about local co-op play? You can kill mutants with your friends. If you had friends, you could kill mutants with them, Grunt!”

“I was getting to that! And I’ll have you know that I do have friends, Saffron. I’d like to think… well, I’d like to think you’re my friend.”

“That’s very nice of you. If I could cry, I might cry now, though I fear it may wreak havoc on my circuitry. But you should probably turn around. Remember that larger, more dangerous mutant I told you about?”


“It’s behind you.”

Grunt, turning: “Shiiiiit.”

[shooting, explosions, mutant screams, players enjoying a brand new, tactical twin-stick shooter where you’ll make fight-or-flight decisions that drastically alter the threats you face, out now on Steam.]

Solstice Chronicles: MIA is Ironward’s follow-up to The Red Solstice, which has sold more than 150k copies to date. While not a direct sequel, Solstice Chronicles: MIA takes place in the same setting, with humans having abandoned Earth due to disease, colonizing Mars in a desperate bid to save their species. With Martian colonies now also overrun by the STROL virus, the Corporation and insurgents will stop at nothing to find the cure and return to Earth.

Solstice Chronicles was successfully crowdfunded on Fig by over 500 backers and investors, and is one of the first games funded through that platform to be released. Catch up on the details of the campaign on

For more information, visit and the Steam page.

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