Skylanders Ring of Heroes Opens Global Pre-registration


Mobile game company Com2uS and Activision has today announced that their mobile RPG, Skylanders Ring of Heroes will open a global pre-registration ahead of the games official release. Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a turn-based, action RPG adventure based on the IP of Activision’s famous console game. The mobile version will bring back some great memories of Skylanders by featuring 80 different characters from the original story. Not only this, the game will expand the level of strategies by introducing an “Awaken” system which will further enhance the Skylanders ability and charm.

The pre-registration, which is held in advance of its official launch, will provide generous rewards including in-game money to perform a Luxury Summon to support fans in the early stages. Also, an additional reward will be given to those who complete their pre-registration through Google Play.

Com2uS has revealed a teaser trailer video through the pre-registration page of Skylanders Ring of Heroes – Users will also be able to find out useful information such as the background story of Skylanders Ring of Heroes, and details about attributes of various characters in order to help them enjoy the game. More video clips will be revealed soon.

Com2uS said, “It is such an honor to present a mobile version of RPG of Skylanders, which is a representative brand of the global game company, Activision. After the beta test held for the users around the world last June, we have worked hard to keep the identity of the original and focus on improving user convenience. We’ll try our best to bring out a well-polished game that satisfies both existing fans and new users.”

More information on the global pre-registration can be found at official pre-registration page ( and official Facebook page (@skylandersringofheroes).

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