Release Date and Official Gameplay Trailer Released for Willowbrooke Post


Willowbrooke Post, the charming post-office management game billed as ‘Animal Crossing meets Papers, Please‘, has today received a brand new gameplay trailer, giving players an immersive, detailed look at the game’s management aspects.

The narrated trailer offers an in-depth look at mail sorting, parcel wrapping, letter writing and cooking, while exploring the post office premises in which the game is set.

Willowbrooke Post will launch in Early Access on 14th March 2019 for PC.

About Willowbrooke Post
Take care of your parents’ post office following their unexpected departure and return to your childhood
home in the quaint, countryside village of Willowbrooke. Manage the establishment for a year, while
becoming a part of the local community, brimming with colorful and curious characters.

With only a handful of coins and guidance from a family friend, you’ll need to manage finances, serve the
community and protect the family reputation, until they return.

The post office is a social hub for the village, and you’ll become a key part of the colorful community – one
where each action could impact your relationship with the residents.

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