Rat’ n ‘Band Now Available in the App Store


Looking for a new puzzler to play on your iOS compatible device? Well the first game by Vestram Software is now available in the App Store. Rat’n’Band introduces you to Jeremy the Rat and you must help him rescue all his rat friends from Fatman.

Rat’n’Band is a highly addictive puzzle adventure which combines modern touch interface and beautiful “old-school” graphics created by industry veterans.


  • Help Jeremy to rescue all lost rat friends kidnapped by the bad guy Fatman
  • Move obstacles with your fingers and navigate Jeremy through the level with an intuitive ‘point and click’ system
  • Find and use special items as you move through the level
  • Solve 24 complex levels in 3 different environments accompanied by a beautiful comics storyline
  • Test your skills in a complex of sewers, experience a big adventure in the large mysterious castle and find your way through the dense foliage of old jungle
  • Don’t forget to use quick save slots in each level and easily get back if something goes wrong
  • Available as a universal binary with HD and Retina support
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