[Quickie] Get Ready to Sing With The CastleStorm Karaoke Trailer


ZEN Studios released a brand new trailer for CastleStorm today that shows off the game as well as a Karaoke version of the aptly named and hashtagged #CastleStormSong. CastleStorm is slated for release this fall on XBLA. Along with this new trailer  comes a contest of sorts and you can find the details in the press release below…

Clouds of war are on the horizon! The sound of war can be heard in the distance, as Knights and Vikings march in cadence to the battlefield hymn, and they prepare to storm castles and fight to the bitter end. In celebration of war, the two sides have prepared a quirky, karaoke opportunity for you! Without further ado, the CastleStorm warriors present a rhythmically catchy #CastleStormSong Trailer.

Zen Studios invites everyone and anyone with a love for war and karaoke to submit links to their own homemade #CastleStormSong music videos (scary, right?) via CastleStorm@zenstudios.com or Twitter to @zen_studios. Simply capture your singing performance and email us a link. The contest is open until November 16, 2012 @ 11:59 PM PST, and is open to people of all ages, gender and social status. Feel free to dress up as a Knight or Viking, or even an Extra Terrestrial if you so desire. Winning submissions get some sweet Zen Studios Slippers, a few redeemable codes when the game releases on Xbox LIVE® Arcade, as well as a code for our next Pinball FX2 release.

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