[PS4] Leaving Lyndow Review – A Relaxing Adventure Game


DEVELOPER:  Eastshade Studio
PUBLISHER:  Eastshade Studios
GENRE: Walking Simulator
PLATFORM: PS4 (Also available on PC)
PRICE: .99
RELEASE DATE: July 27th, 2017

Leaving Lyndow is a short walking simulator about saying goodbye to your old life before starting a new journey. This game is also a teaser for the developers much longer and bigger adventure game titled Eastshade.

You play the game as Clara, a young girl who has just been accepted as a Junior Explorer for the Guild of Maritime Exploration. As she is set to leave her home for a 3-year stint as an explorer she wanders her island home to reminisce and say good-bye to her friends and family.

The game can be completed in less than an hour. With only five areas to explore and only a handful of mini games/puzzles, you should be able to earn all trophies in one playthrough. Leaving Lyndow introduces you to the beautiful landscape and areas of Eastshade. Though some areas were rather empty, the depth that went into detail for these areas was stunning. Each area has a small activity that you need to complete before moving on to the next. As you journey to each of these areas you reminisce about the past, or you simply just say good-bye to the various people who have touched your life.

Overall the game is simple, but does a great job of conveying the feelings of the characters. I shed a tear when Clara was having her final conversation with her mother. The music also has a nice peacefully sound to it that enhances the areas of the game.

The game is not without fault though. As I mentioned before some areas just felt empty. The forest for example, would have you at least expect to come across a wild animal or two. The villagers all looked the same and besides dressing differently it appears the developer used the same character model for everyone. Another issue was the camera movement had a blurriness to it that can leave you feeling nauseous.


Eastshade Studios did a wonderful job introducing us to the stunning world of Lyndow and Eastshade! I did find the characters kind of creepy since they all keep their mouths covered by a scarf. Hopefully in the main game we will get some lore as to why they dress like that. For the price, it is a relaxing and simple little game. Did we really need this teaser game? I’m not sure, but for someone who never even heard of Eastshade before Leaving Lyndow was released – I am looking forward to experiencing it. A relaxing adventure that leaves you feeling hopeful for Clara’s adventure. Leaving Lyndow is a solid 7.5 out of 10 and I recommend it to people who like adventure or point and click games.

*Review code provided by the developer and their associated public relations agency*
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