[PS4] Deiland Review – My Adventures on a Tiny Planet With Lots of Heart


GENRE:  Adventure RPG, Simulation
PLATFORM: PS4 (Coming Soon to PC)
PRICE: $14.99
RATING:  E10+ (Fantasy Violence)
RELEASE DATE: May 3rd, 2018

Now as some may know Deiland isn’t an entirely new game for Chibig, but an expanded version of the original mobile game. Chibig took to Kickstarter back in 2017 to raise the funds to bring Deiland to console and PC. Raising approximately $30, 000 they were able to turn the original game into a 3D wonder that is a joy to play.

In Deiland you play as a young boy Arco, who has an entire planet to himself. You would think that having to manage an entire planet by yourself would be overwhelming, but in fact the planet is so tiny that it’s actually pretty simple. Arco is tasked with protecting the planet’s crystal heart from the Shadow trying to find it. Now being the sole occupant of this tiny planet, you must also keep yourself alive by farming, fishing, cooking, mining, building, crafting, fighting off monsters, and dealing with the various visitors who land on your planet.

Deiland is a charming, yet simple game with no time limits, making this a great choice for casual gamers or players who don’t have a lot of time in a day to spend playing a game. Now the game is kind of slow in the beginning and at times can be frustrating due to quest triggers and goals not being very clear cut.  For example, one quest asks you to grow a giant pumpkin and tells you they must be planted at night with the moonlight directed at the crop. Unfortunately how to actually do this is never clearly explained to you and it’s up to the use of trial and error (or you finding a YouTube video) to finally complete this request. Sadly though this is not the only quest in the game that gives you no clue on how to actually complete the task. On the plus side – with there being no time limit for finishing these quests you can take your time trying to find the answer yourself and enjoy the various things to do in the game.

As Arco, you do level up and earn points to put into your stats. You also have a stamina bar that depletes as you perform actions, so you will need to remember to take naps to recharge it. Arco also must eat or your health will start to deplete if you go hungry for too long. The story unfolds as you complete quests, meet new characters, explore, and sleep. Eventually you will find out why you are on this planet alone.

The game is filled with a fun and lively cast of characters who each have unique personalities. The first character that Arco meets is Mun from the Interplanetary Patrol. She serves as a guide somewhat by revealing various tidbits of information to your character. The graphics are colorful, the art design is charming, the game mechanics are polished, and the story is relaxing. The game has a full list of trophies to achieve, so you will feel a sense of accomplishment when completing them all. About halfway through the game you will open up a second planet that you can travel to and explore. The three inhabitants on this planet will offer you more quests to complete, plus an open place to fight monsters who inhabit the planet.

Now if you are looking for an in-depth building, simulation RPG similar to the likes of Minecraft, Stardew Valley, or Harvest Moon, you won’t find that in Deiland. What you will find though is a relaxing and enjoyable game that can be completed in about 8 -10 hours. The game does a a few issues with freezes, but nothing game breaking. I had my game freeze every time I fed a chick from baby form to adult form, so eventually I stopped interacting with them when I no longer needed quest items from them.


Deiland doesn’t add anything new to the adventure simulation RPG genre, but it is a fun addition. The game may not appeal to your hard core gamer, but for those who like casual, relaxing, fun games this is a must have to add to your library of played games. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on Deiland and would love to see either DLC or sequel as the ending of the story left me wanting more! I had so many unanswered questions at the end and I think that is probably my biggest complaint. Being the type of gamer that I am, I am used to solving problems and playing at my own pace. So even the issues were more of an added challenge to overcome and solve,  than being something that was frustrating or game breaking.

Overall I give Deiland a solid 8/10!

A digital copy of the game was provided by the developer for the purpose of this review
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