PS4 Crossplay Arrives for Paladins, SMITE and Realm Royale


Hi-Rez Studios announced today that PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system crossplay compatibility will be implemented in Paladins: Champions of the Realm, SMITE: Battleground of the Gods and Realm Royale as part of each games’ next major update

The crossplay experience includes both single player queues and cross-platform parties for each title.

Paladins unveils this extended crossplay experience today, as part of its September update. This makes Paladins the first and only online hero shooter to appear on five major platforms with crossplay between them all.

SMITE launches PS4 system crossplay next week with its Underworld: Odyssey update. Realm Royale receives its crossplay update in Early October.

“Gaming is really about one thing: Community.” said Alex Cantatore, Brand Director of Live Games for Hi-Rez Studios. “Cross-play is so powerful, and so core to what Hi-Rez does, because it lets our communities come together — regardless of where they choose to play. If you’re a SMITE, Paladins, or Realm Royale player it shouldn’t matter what platform you own. All that matters is that you’re a part of our crazy, wonderful communities.”

Hi-Rez Studios continues its promise to provide the crossplay compatible experience across major platforms to all its games, in order to create diverse and entrenched communities. This includes the recently announced Rogue Company; a team-based shooter focusing on high action gameplay, coming to all major platforms and launching with PS4 system crossplay in 2020.

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