Preview: “Spirit Tales” (PC)


TITLE: Spirit Tales


PUBLISHER: KoramGame Ltd.


PLATFORM: Microsoft Windows

STATUSMedia Testing

RELEASE DATE: TBA (Closed Beta – March 15th)

Spirit Tales is the North American version of Glory Destiny Online in Malaysia. It’s a free-to-play Anime Style MMO that will be going into Closed Beta on March 15th.

KoramGame offered media outlets the chance to preview the game before it goes into closed beta, so I took the opportunity to check it out.

After starting up the game and entering your log-in information you come to the screen to create a character. Character creation is pretty standard; the first page has you choose whether you want to be male or female, and then the tribe you want to play from the three choices of Gold Kirin, Maned Dragon, and Lunar Fox. Next you choose the class you want to play; each tribe has two classes to choose from with a total of six. (Fighter, Shaman, Warrior, Sorcerer, Assassin, Archer) As you are making these choices you notice that the armor, weapons and your Animal Spirit Form changes depending on what class you choose. The next choices you make are your character’s name, and then their features, which include eyes, face, tail, hair, hair color, skin color, ears/horns, and ear/horn color. After finalizing your selections by hitting the “Create” button, you are taken back to the character select screen.

Choosing your character and entering the game starts the background story screens where you learn that everyone lived in harmony, until one day the North decides to start a war with the South. The southern tribes take refuge in the Kingdom of the Forest and start the Glorious Shield to fight against the Northern forces. Then it takes you to the beginning area called Autumnal Grove, which you begin the tutorial of grabbing quests, using the auto-routing function and speaking with the various NPCs. The beginning quests are pretty much straight-forward where the NPC wants you to kill or collect a number of things and either come back or head to the next NPC. This first zone is for your first eight levels of the game in which you will also receive your first pet and learn about crafting.

The next area starts giving you more choices for quests, you will have your main quest, side quests, and you can find treasure quests which begin when you find a treasure item from the various mobs in the game. Throughout the map near the outposts you will visit are totems guarding them, throughout the game you will see world messages stating that the North is invading and attacking these outposts. When this happens you can then protect these outposts from invading and taking the totem. If you are nowhere nearby, if the Northern forces succeed in taking the totem the map icon will turn red and those totems will be protected by a mini-boss and his lackeys. If you decide to defeat these forces and reclaim the totem, you will receive a reward by mail for helping to oust them.

At level 10, you will receive the quest to awaken your Spirit form which when used changes your appearance and makes your attacks deadlier.  At level 15, you receive the quest that teaches you to tame your second pet.

Now the features of the game state that any creature in the game can be tamed as a pet. From what I have played of this MMO it appears each character can have a variety of pets and you are also able to store extras in the Pet Stable. When in the pet screen you are able to use one pet to fight alongside you and one pet you can merge with to obtain additional skills.

Since this was a media testing and I was in the world alone, I was unable to check out the 5-vs-5 PVP Arena Battles, Sweetheart System, or the Guild Warfare. I also didn’t play long enough to experience any of the instances available in the game. Though I was able to earn titles and achievements for various accomplishments I completed.

The graphics in the game are very pretty and cute which fits the style of the game itself. The creatures are unique and from what I seen so far, this is a wide variety. The website states that there are over 40 million unique character model combinations, and these are achieved by the various armor and costumes within the game.

The controls and UI are not really complicated, the one thing that I had to get used to from most F2P MMOs is that you can hotkey your combat skills to the right mouse button and change them by just hitting the number key that each one is assigned to.

The item shop was stocked with your standard item enhancing goodies, costumes, bundles, potions, and such. No actual prices were available so I can’t say if the cash shop prices are comparable to other MMOs.

As an experienced gamer and MMO player, I thoroughly enjoyed my few hours in the game and would continue playing the game once it goes into Open Beta or Official Launch status. This game may not be for everyone due to its anime style graphics and cuteness, but for gamers who have played other Asian MMOs, this is pretty standard for the free-to-play MMO genre.

You can still sign up for the upcoming Closed Beta testing by visiting the official Spirit Tales website!


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