Pets vs Orcs – Fuzzy Animals Battle Hungry Orcs on iOS and Android


Kitties tremble and puppy dogs quake with fright as the very evil and very hungry orcs are on the move in Supercell’s upcoming game Pets vs Orcs. Pets vs Orcs puts players in control of a village of formerly-peaceful pets fighting to take back their babies from the evil orcs.

“Pets vs Orcs is built from the core to support multiple platforms such as iPad, iPhone and Anrdoid devices. Pets vs Orcs is our first step to widen Supercell’s reach by launching games that offer similar styles of rich game play, as our first game, but with themes that have broader appeal. In addition to rich gameplay and an engaging gameworld, Pets vs Orcs is designed to be accessible to all, regardless of previous gaming experience,” says Ilkka Paananen, CEO of Supercell.

In Pets vs Orcs the first thing the player has to do is to get the village’s economy running and begin training the pets for combat, progressing through harder and harder battles to get them ready to take on the orcs. As the pets gain experience, they unlock new buildings and pet types for upcoming battles, and after every battle, they gain a little bit more land from the orcs, providing an ongoing city building and combat experience.

Pets vs Orcs will be free to play on the Android Marketplace and iTunes App Store in early 2012. Players wishing to advance more quickly will find a variety of items to help them along the way.

Pets vs Orcs is Supercell’s second game. The first,, is the first real-time multiplayer RPG for Facebook and features real-time multiplayer and an open world for exploration.’s first expansion, Zombies Online, comes out December 19th 2011.

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