Order Up!! to be Served on the PS3 on February 28th


UTV Ignition Games, with SuperVillian Studios today announced that Order Up!! will be released for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system on February 28th, 2012.

Order Up!! on PS3  is the first time the popular franchise will be released on the console. The game works with the PlayStation Move motion controller, as well as the standard SIXAXIS wireless controller, utilizing the tilt features and dual analog sticks. Order Up!! also supports the 3D capabilities and 3D-enabled HDTVs.

Players experience the dizzying life of a top-notch chef and restaurateur as they prepare all manners of exotic food, serve hordes of demanding patrons, and build their own restaurant empire from the ground up.

Order Up!! features:

• New restaurants, characters, and music, plus re-sampled audio, visuals, and full support of stereoscopic 3D.
• Split-screen co-op and competitive turn-based multiplayer for up to two players.
• Whimsical humor offers a balance to the manic table-juggling gameplay.
• SIXAXIS wireless controller and PlayStation Move motion controller compatibility.

“We believe that Order Up!! has a universal appeal that any gamer will enjoy playing, so it was only logical to bring it to the PlayStation 3,” said Lokesh Dhar, Global Publishing Head of UTV Ignition Games. “SuperVillian Studios listened closely to the fan feedback and have included new restaurants, features, and game improvements.”

Get a taste of the crème de la crème of Order Up!! in the all-new trailer:

Order Up!! will be available for PlayStation 3 system on February 28, 2012, for $29.99.

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