Open Emotion Releases Soundtracks on iTunes, Amazon and Napster


Open Emotion Studios unveiled today that they have made the soundtracks of┬áRevoltin’ Youth,┬áNinjamurai and Mad Blocker Alpha available for download. These three games can be found on PSP/PS3 through the Playstation Network if you haven’t played them yet.

Take a listen to the sample tracks available:

Revoltin Youth’s Theme – Skyfire Ace

Not A Ninjanamanimal Set radio

The Mad Blocker Alpha and Ninjamurai soundtracks contain lovingly
crafted orchestral songs with a bit of chiptune funk from 8 Bit Legend
while the Revoltin’ Youth soundtrack is a Chiptune extravaganza
featuring 8BitLegend, Sabrepulse and George & Jonathan. The three
soundtracks are now available for purchase and download via iTunes at
the links below:

Revoltin’ Youth –

Mad Blocker Alpha:

Ninjamurai –

Straight from the games, these melodies will have players humming along
in no time while reminding them of fond memories from yesteryear.

“We’re thrilled to be offering these three albums to the public for the
first time. Video game and especially Chiptune music has moved beyond
an underground movement and we’re out to prove that!” says Paddy
Murphy, CEO at Open Emotion Studios and the talent behind 8 Bit Legend
sound. “By buying the soundtracks, fans not only get cool music from
their favorite games, but they are also helping to support the
Chiptune music industry, and that’s good for everyone.”

The track lists for the three albums include:

REVOLTIN’ YOUTH OST (Various Artists)
1: Skyfire Ace (Revoltin’ Youth Theme) – Sabrepulse
2: Robo Funk City – George & Jonathan
3: Robo Funk City Part Deux – George & Jonathan
4: Not a Ninjanamanimal Set Radio – 8BitLegend
5: Puppydogs and Love – George & Joanthan
6: Lollypops and Rainbows – George & Jonathan
7: Sabatoga – 8BitLegend
8: Haggars Harbor – George & Jonathan
9: *Haggard Harbor – George & Jonathan
10: Short Circuit – George & Jonathan
11: Shorted Cirquit – George & Jonathan
12: Black Dragon (Bigwigs Theme) – Sabrepulse

MAD BLOCKER ALPHA OST (Music by 8BitLegend)
1: Mad Blocker Theme
2: The Mokes Appear
3: Stone Moke
4: Buhmba’s Revival
5: The Forest of Ahjalla
6: Moke Disruption
7: Trees of Stone
8: Forest Rejuvenation
9: Down in the Farm
10: Moke Halloween
11: The Pumpkins Song
12: The Tunnel Approaches
13: Dark Dank Sewers
14: Moke in the Dark
15: Fallout
16: Frozen Buhmba
17: The Final Battle

NINJAMURAI OST (Music by 8BitLegend)
1: Enter the Ninjamurai
2: Dissonant Shores
3: The Ninjamurai
4: Ninjamurai Marches
5: Goth Choir (Boss Theme)
6: Repetitive Streams
7: Glory Mountain
8: Cave Story
9: Dragon Chase
10: Green Warrior
11: Natural Dancing
12: Reflections Corner
13: Lord Lo Fi
14: Otaku Fire
15: Get Yo Crunk On
16: Nightmarish Dream
17: Fight Not Flee
18: Black Armor King
19: Daylight

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