[Official Communiqué] Two Years In, Trials, Tribulations, and Perseverance.


We recently crossed our two year mark back in June when Anjel Syndicate made the evolutionary change from personal blog full of my various rants and mumbles about the industry to where we are now covering news, reviews, and so on. Going in, I had a fair idea of what we wanted to accomplish and how we were going to go about doing the things we’d hoped to do. Not everything has panned out, some things took off, some things didn’t. We’ve built a good readership, we’ve made all manner of connections through out the industry. We’ve covered some interesting developments and discussed some pretty good games.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing and we’ve had periods of silence, staff departures, some internal shake ups and more as we’ve continued on our winding path of growth and expansion. Even now we’re coming out of one of those times of troubles and as always we’ll emerge stronger and better than before.

One thing I’ve heard discussed over the years is that many sites that enter this particular area of human toil rarely survive 2 years as passion dwindles, the writers lose interest, or things just fall apart. Knowing the things we’ve dealt with over those two years I understand now more than ever how that can be so. Though, that isn’t going to stop us now or ever. The staff has been reduced down to only a scant few through various events and reasons. It happens in this voluntary business of ours, and something I have to tackle directly.

There are all manner of pressures to be dealt with to ensure coverage, getting reviews and previews out at an optimum time to enjoy the interest the title holds and we’ve generally hit those, but sometimes we haven’t. I could go on and on about things we’ve faced, dealt with, or have to improve; but the bottom line is that we’re still here and we intend to continue to do so.

We’re coming out of a summer break, we needed the time to regroup, refocus, and yes even recharge after the last year of troubles, issues, and victories. To celebrate our return to normalcy we have a few giveaways lined up for goodies for Mu Rebirth, C9, and Angels Wrath that will be up later today.

I appreciate all of you whom have stuck with us, and I can only promise we’re going to rededicate ourselves to improving our content and quality of writing going forward. To that end however, we are in need of staff and I’m going to end this particular communique with a call of interested people to join the ranks.

Here’s what we need.


We need a couple interested writers who want to help fill the ranks of the news department, covering daily news ranging from game announcement, new asset releases (videos/screenshots etc) and other news of interest for our community and the gaming community at large!

Of course positions are volunteer as none of us are getting paid for this, however, service brings it’s rewards when game review and preview assignments get handed out, the more actively you contribute the more likely you are to receive titles to review, preview, play and enjoy.


There’s also opportunities for freelancers who just want to do a review every so often and these will get handed out on a case to case basis if we need extra hands to cover titles, or we aren’t covering a title that rolled out and someone wants to submit they’re review for possible publishing.

For either category drop us an email at submissions@anjelsyndicate.org!

In the end we’re going to keep on keeping on and building and growing, thanks for reading, thanks for being on the journey with us and I and all of us here at Anjel Syndicate are honored and overwhelmed by your continued support of our little independent media team!

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