New Voyages and Treasures In Sea of Thieves’ Latest Monthly Update, Dark Relics


Following the trend set by the Black Powder Stashes update in July, the objective of Rare’s new regular Sea of Thieves updates is to deliver a different Voyage type, challenge or other feature every month, serving up fresh, regular content in the wake of the epic Anniversary Update.

Dark Relics brought in the latest of these updates on August 14th, inviting players to set sail and retrieve artefacts from thieving bands of skeletons. The undead have swiped a hoard of mystical Dark Relics from the Order of Souls, and they need to be recovered before the skellies can enact whatever evil rituals they have in store!

The Order will pay pirates well to retrieve these Dark Relics, which is why local entrepreneur Duke is offering special Voyages on their behalf. Duke is keen to build bridges with the Trading Companies to further his own long-term plans, and this looks like an ideal opportunity.

Players simply need to find Duke in any tavern to take on a Dark Relic Voyage and hunt down the skeletal culprits, who will drop one of five Dark Relics once defeated. Not only will the Order pay well in gold and reputation for these items, there are Commendations for finding one of each. Unlock key Commendations to gain access to the coveted Mercenary capstan, cannons and wheel for your ship!

Pirate Legends and their non-Legend crewmates can even take on special Dark Relic Voyages in The Devil’s Roar, with added risks but twice the number of Relic rewards. Players should also be on the lookout for Ritual Skulls, a new type of ongoing Order reward being dropped by skeletons, plus the mysterious Reaper’s Chests. These chests are permanent new additions to the game, for which Duke will pay handsomely, but they carry the same curse as the Reaper’s Flag. Regular players will know what that means – take this chest and you’ll show up on the maps of all other pirates in the area! As a result, cashing in a Reaper’s Chest won’t be easy but it will be lucrative, so keep an eye out for these rare finds when scavenging in shipwrecks.

Another permanent addition coming in with this update is the Rowboat-mounted harpoon, a fun new feature that’s sure to spin off into some wild situations. Players who’ve been waiting for this inclusion will not be disappointed now that they can easily hitch a ride with ships or snatch up treasure from the shore (or the possession of other crews).

Dark Relics debuted on Wednesday August 14th and will run for four weeks, new updates arriving regularly on the second Wednesday of every month so that our players always have something new to do. It’s an exciting time to be a fan of Xbox’s flagship pirate adventure!

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