New Shai Talents Now Available in Free Update to Black Desert (XB1)


A new update is now available in Black Desert on Xbox One, bringing new skills to the Shai class for experienced players. Shai, the first-ever support class within the Black Desert franchise, receives three new musical instruments that provide buffs for allied players to aid in combat.

Read the official community post for more details: Shai Talent Update

Once players reach Level 56, Shai will receive the talent update instead of an Awakening like other classes. Using Sol, Shai can play a lute, flute, or drum and create different songs that change the tide of battle:

Do It Better! – An energetic tune that buffs AP and special attacks

Shout to the Sky – Provide a health buff

Sun, Moon, Stars – A dynamic tune that increases agility

Summer Rain – This refreshing song briefly increases status resistance

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