New Releases for July 3rd – 9th


Not a whole lot this week due to it being a holiday week. Here are the releases for this week:

July 4th

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (PS3, XB360)

July 5th

Mafia II Director’s Cut (PC, PS3, XB360)
Resistance Greatest Hits Dual Pack (PS3)
Jewel Match (DS)
Fishdom (DS)
Mystery Quest: Curse of the Ancient Spirits (DS)
Polar Sports Ice Pack (PC)
Ape Escape Move – Full Game (PSN)
Uncharted 3 Beta – Non-Plus Members (PSN)

July 7th

Hotel Dash 2: Lost Luxuries (PC Online Only)
Jewel Keepers: Easter Island (DSiWare)
Roller Angels (DSiWare)
Farm Frenzy (DSiWare)
Makeup & Style (DSiWare)
Just Jam (WiiWare)
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge (XBLA)
Blacklight: Tango Down (XBLA)
Dead Block (XBLA)

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