New Duality ZF Trailer Rocks on to the Interwebz


Xona Games, the award winning Indie team behind Decimation X,X2,X3, and Score Rush has released a new trailer today for their currently in development upcoming 4 Player, 2D shoot em up Duality ZF. Harking back to the classics we grew up with pits players against hordes of enemies as they blast their way through stages featuring all manner of effects, environmental hazards and explosions galore.

Included will be some brand new Duality features such as….

Duality Innovation:

  • Duality ZF introduces a few innovative duality features:
  • DUAL-SL, a weapon system with spread and laser features. It morphs from spread to laser and back via trigger controls.
  • DUAL PLAY allows you to control two players at once. Its an underground concept born in Japanese arcades by expert gamers. DUAL PLAY offers double the firepower. It suits newcomers in easy modes and allows experts to challenge extended expert modes.
  • DUAL-HL, a prototype weapon system in development.



  • Duality ZF is the first video game to support DUAL PLAY natively.
  • Duality ZF is the first 2D shooter (shoot’em up, shmup) video game to support eight independently controlled fighters simultaneously.

Having played their previous titles I’m expecting the same kind of quality of play and well fitting soundtrack they’ve brought to the table before. So check out the trailer and look for Duality ZF to launch sometime in 2011 on XBLA, and PC (Steam). You can check out more on Duality ZF and their other titles on their website:, I recommend them all really for a good amount of arcade retro-esque style of fun.

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