New Bastion Trailer and Details Released


WB Interactive Entertainment and SupergiantGames have released a new trailer for their upcoming XBLA/PC  Action-RPG Bastion today. Bastion from the looks of the trailer has a Secret of Mana or Saga Frontier flavour to it’s art style and will come with 30+ areas to explore, various upgrades, and weapons. Bastion also comes with a smattering of features…

  • Reactive narrator – Bastion introduces a one-of-a-kind reactive narration system, which gradually reveals a rich back story as the narrator reacts to the player’s actions, allowing for the player to have a truly personalized gameplay experience. The game features thousands of lines of narration. No player will be able to hear it all the first time through the game.
  • Lush, hand-painted world – Bastion is presented in a high-definition, richly-detailed painterly art style, which enhances the fantastical world design and immerses players in the unique setting and atmosphere.
  • Nimble, active combat – The game offers exciting, highly responsive moment-to-moment action that rewards player skill and experimentation, allowing players to develop their own unique fighting styles by mixing and matching from a large variety of customizable weapons, each with their own special moves and mechanics.
  • Frequent gameplay-customizing choices – Bastion features many customizable elements including an array of weapons and upgrades as well as a special system that allows players to raise game difficulty in exchange for greater rewards.
  • Grand adventure – This is a full-length experience offering 8 to 10 hours of fully narrated gameplay. Once players finish the journey, they unlock a “New Game Plus” mode, which introduces additional content and new ways to play.

Bastion is the first part of Microsoft’s “Summer of Arcade” lineup and will be available on July 20th for 1200 Microsoft Points on XBLA. The PC version will be out later this year and when we know the date we’ll keep you updated, now then on with the trailer!

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