My Note Games! – Note Recognition App for Kids Available Today


‘My Note Games!’ is the first children’s app to use note recognition technology, listening to the notes they play and delivering instant feedback on how well they are doing. The note recognition technology is tuned for a wide range of instruments including the piano, guitar, trumpet and recorder.

It has been produced by James Everard and Ian Willey who both have children who enjoy playing musical instruments but who also love their Nintendos. This gave them the idea of turning the music stand into a games console.

“We want this to be embraced by music teachers, children and parents as a part of daily practice,” says James. “Children sometimes think of sight reading as boring but, as every music teacher knows it enables them to play confidently with other musicians in bands and orchestras. ‘My Note Games!’ makes practicing sight reading fun.”

‘My Note Games!’ comprises three games: ‘Tap That Note’ is a touch game that teaches the names of the notes, ‘Play That Note’ teaches you to play the first octave of your instrument in tune and ‘Play-A-Day’ is a daily practice game that asks you to play simple phrases in time as well as in tune.

In addition to the three games ‘My Note Games!’ includes a tuner spanning six octaves.
More games and activities are planned shortly including a basic composition game and a clapping game.

‘My Note Games!’ is a Freemium app that is free to download and try, but requires payment for access to the higher levels and more complicated lessons.

‘My Note Games!’ supports piano, guitar, recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and trumpet. It also offers limited support for violin, viola, cello, voice and even whistling!

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Price: $5.99 / £3.99
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