Mole Baby – TaoMee Launches Game For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad


TaoMee, one of the leading children’s entertainment and media companies in China announced today that it has launched “Mole Baby” for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

“Mole Baby” is based on the same popular game character as TaoMee’s first app—“Mole’s world” , the #1 ranked download in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong with 100 million registered PC users in Asia. The app is developed by TaoMee Holding Limited, one of the leading children’s entertainment and media companies in China. The game is available to download for .99 cents at

“Mole Baby” is a family-friendly game for children and the entire family.  Blinking her large adorable eyes, she chuckles and laughs when you tickle her.  Your job is to love her and raise her and she repeats all sounds in an adorable voice.   Choosing appropriate clothes for her to wear and teaching her to expand her vocabulary by learning new words are very important tasks for the player.

“Mole Baby” will be available for a limited time as a free download from iTunes now through February 23, 2012.

“Mole Baby” Key Features:

  • Talk and Mole Baby will repeat all sounds
  • Teach Mole Baby how to read and write
  • Poke or Tickle Mole baby
  • Launch baby-friendly fireworks
  • Feed Mole baby her favorite snacks
  • Dress Mole baby in her favorite costumes and choose Mole Baby’s room by selecting your own decorations
  • Take Mole baby on play dates, visit friends and give the gift of strawberry cakes

“Mole Baby’s” Free Features

  • Choose from three different snacks: rice, cookies and cakes
  • Choose from up to 6 props: Book, Bubbles, Brush, Catapult, Magic Berry and a Notebook
  • Choose from 3 fun-filled levels (optional upgrade for three additional levels!)
  • Select from fireworks and four lanterns in celebration of the Spring festival and Lunar holiday
  • Choose from seven costumes for Mole Baby (with an additional 11 costumes available with an upgrade)
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