Make the Galaxy Your Sandbox in Space Pirates and Zombies 2, Launching Nov. 7


Halloween may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down to the undead horde. Space zombies are a very real threat and the only safe answer is explosions – lots of ‘em. Luckily for you, Space Pirates and Zombies 2 is launching out of Steam Early Access on November 7 with full VR support included for free, and it’s here to fill all your space battle needs!

Build your dream ship, arm it to the teeth with all manner of destructive firepower, and set out on your galaxy-spanning journey. Whether you decide to endlessly tweak your galaxy with the Super Sandbox mode, or dive into a random, procedurally generated one, you won’t be alone. Go ship-to-ship with 200 unique AI captains as you set out to shape the galaxy however you like. Will you take up the role of a scavenger or a ruthless pirate? Will you set out as a lone wolf or forge a mighty faction with the AI captains who aren’t out for your blood? The living galaxy sandbox of Space Pirates and Zombies 2 is yours to explore and – well – blow up!

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Space Pirates and Zombies 2 launches November 7 on Steam for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, offering up full VR support for free to HTC Vive or Oculus Rift owners. For more information, follow the game on Facebook, or visit the game’s website.

Key Features:

  • 200 persistent Captains that are able to do everything the player can, including forming dynamic factions, building structures, controlling territory, and going to war.
  • A truly living galaxy that isn’t player-centric, developing differently each game through the interactions of the AI Captains.
  • Build your own faction from nothing.
  • Randomly generated modular parts. Build the mothership that suits your play style, on the fly, in seconds.
  • Strategic ship building. The mass, location and shape of parts all matter, making ship design a meaningful decision.
  • A fully physics-based 3D environment where everything is destructible, takes damage from impacts, and can be grabbed and even thrown at enemies.
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