Learn about Paradox’s Dwarves With This New “The Life of Dwarves” Trailer


With A Game of Dwarves releasing for PC on the 23rd of October, Paradox is taking us on a little journey inside the lives of their Dwarves with this brand new trailer released today.

The dwarf* is generally known to be a fickle creature, it lives far down below the crust of the Earth and has an insatiable appetite for treasure. They are not as fixated on gold and loot as one may think though. Quite the contrary, the dwarf is largely misunderstood and can actually be very accepting of those who have not amassed a considerable wealth of gold and precious stones. To prove this, Paradox Interactive recently deployed a video team of wildlife observers to capture footage of the dwarf in its home environment; this peek into the life of a dwarf has now been uploaded for the entire world to see. Dwarf experts, also known as game developers, were also interviewed to help people understand the enigma that is the dwarf.

Utilizing a combination of strategy and management, A Game of Dwarves gives players full reign over a dwarven settlement as they dig, build, and conduct research to expand their underground empire. With a careful hand, players will need to level up their weak dwarflings and transform them into brave warriors, master craftsmen, and diligent diggers as they scour for rare resources hidden in the depths. Defend your dwarves from terrible beasts living in the uncharted regions of the world and make sure to adapt your strategy and tactic because deep down underground, you’ll never know what you’ll bump into.

A Game of Dwarves can be pre-ordered at leading digital distribution platforms for $9.99, releases worldwide on October 23. Find out more about the pre-order here: http://www.agameofdwarves.com/buy

*(In folklore or fantasy literature) a member of a mythical race of short, stocky human-like creatures who are generally skilled in mining and metalworking.

Check out The Life of Dwarves trailer below!

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