Koei Tecmo America Releases an Army of New Screens from Upcoming Samurai Warriors 4 Game


Samurai Warriors 4

KOEI TECMO America today released the latest information and images for SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 packed with content on the new Chronicle mode, stills from the Story mode which tell the tale of three different warring regions and the introduction of 12 new and updated warriors. Additionally, all screenshots feature the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system version of the game which is scheduled for release on October 21, 2014, along with the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita handheld system versions.

SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 brings players the ability to complete the journal of officers’ lives in the new Chronicle Mode as they journey across the lands of Japan while completing various quests, meeting new officers and collecting items.

The Create Character feature has been upgraded, with even more customizations for players to create unique officers and leave their own personal stamp on the history of the Warring States era. Special quests will also be made available which enable you to obtain rare weapons that are difficult to obtain within Story Mode.

The roster of 55 warriors includes the introduction of Kojuro Katakura from the Date clan known as ”Kojuro the Wise” for his aptitude with strategical warfare, the “Maid of Misfortune” Koshosho who uses her bewitching beauty to bend the will of men of Shikoku, and the graceful ruler Naotora, who has assumed leadership of the Li clan in her fight to deliver peace to Enshu. Additionally, updated characters from the series return in SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 including Hanzo, Hideyoshi, Ieyasu, Ina, Masamune, Motochika, Nene, Tadakatsu and Yoshimoto.

In SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 greater focus has been placed on each faction in the Story depicting character relationships laden with drama. The outcomes of the regional stories will carry to the main story of unification, allowing character growth arcs and motivations to be portrayed in more detail. Regional stories revealed today include the Legend of Shikoku in which Motochika Chosokabe confronts a mysterious beauty amongst a sea of enemies, the Legend of Tokugawa following Ieyasu’s journey to greatness and the Legend of Tohuku as Masamune vows to expands the lands under his domain.

SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 is developed by Omega Force and published in North America by KOEI TECMO America.  The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions will be available digitally exclusively through the PlayStation Store for $49.99 and $39.99, respectively. The PlayStation 4 standard edition will be available for $59.99. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the series, the SAMURAI WARRIORS 4: Special Anime Pack is filled with content for fans including the SAMURAI WARRIORS: Legend of Sanada anime, the official game soundtrack and several DLC packs will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 4 system at participating retailers for $74.99.

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