HyperX Hosts HX Showdown with Celebrity Gaming Pros


HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology, Inc., today announced it will host an exclusive esports event at its headquarters in Orange County on Tuesday, Aug. 7 featuring Elite Street Fighter V and Super Smash Brothers Melee esports pros. The showdown brings together fighting game stars to compete in a series of thrilling show matches at the HyperX Gaming Studios, all broadcasting live starting at 2 p.m. on http://www.twitch.tv/HyperX.

Following the Evo Championship Series, the largest fighting game tournament, esports superstars will come together for a summer exhibition tournament at HyperX’s extensive gaming studio decked out with the best gaming gear. The event will include SSBM matches, SFV matches and other games hosted by popular Twitch streamers D’Ron ‘D1’ Maingrette, Stephen ‘Sajam’ Lyon, Terrance ‘TKBreezy’ and Steve ‘Tasty Steve’ Scott.

HyperX will be bringing back Jenga competitions, the most popular competition from last summer’s event with over 2 million views on YouTube. The reigning champions, Chocoblanka and Tokida, are scheduled to join the event and defend their title.

Super Smash Bros. Melee Player Lineup Includes:

Player                     eSports Team 

Amsa      Masaya Chikamoto   VG Bootcamp 

Zain       Zain Naghmi       Panda Global 

Mang0      Joseph Marquez      Cloud 9      

HugS      Hugo Gonzalez      Dignitas     

Lucky      Joey Aldama       Dignitas     

Plup       Justin McGrath      Panda Global 

Chillin      Kashan Khan      Team Liquid  

Leffen      William Hjelte      TSM       


The Street Fighter V Lineup Includes:

Player                     eSports Team

Tokido      Hajime Taniguchi    Echo Fox    

Infiltration   Seonwoo Kim      Panda Global 

Chocoblanka  Yuko Momochi      Echo Fox    

Jwong      Justin Wong       Echo Fox    

Daigo      Daigo Umehara      Influencer    

Gamerbee    Bruce Yu-lin Hsiang  Influencer    

John       John Takeuchi      Team Liquid  

Punk       Victor Woodley      Echo Fox    

Celebrity availability is subject to change. Find more information at @HyperX and @hyperxcommunity.

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