Holiday Season 2012, U Will See The Wii U Launch


Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata delivered the news today that Nintendo will be launching the Wii U across the international market aboard for 2012’s  holiday shopping season. We were pretty sure it would be coming this year when Nintendo had it’s big reveal during last years E3 so this gives all you Nintendo fans plenty of time to start saving your beans and writing your letters to Santa.

Just how much the Wii U will cost is anyone’s guess and I know there’s all manner of speculation surrounding that particular detail. When you consider how much the 3DS was at launch and how that really didn’t go over well, Nintendo must be thinking long and hard about how much of a gamble they want to make on pricing it to high. Combine that with all the rumblings and rumors about the next XBOX I suspect they have to consider just how much of the market they want to pull in before the next gen XBOX and Playstation systems do finally emerge.

Source: Reuters

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