Hellbound, the Ridiculously Violent ‘90s-Inspired FPS Free Survival Mode Now Available


Hellbound, the ridiculously violent ‘90s-inspired FPS from developer Saibot Studios, rips its way onto the scene in 2019. A free Survival Mode teasing the potential of a full campaign is available now on Steam so you can get your hands bloody right away.

Tear through hordes of hell’s demonic denizens with weapons including the Headcrusher, Triple Shotgun, and Indolora. Power-ups like Hell Speed, Hell Skin, and Hell Damage make you feel godlike as thundering kickdrums and chugging power chords herald your violent arrival. If Hellbound’s Kickstarter accrues $100,000 in funding, this crimson carnage comes to a full single-player campaign.

If you’re interested in checking out Hellbound, you can download it here on Steam.

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