Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition Detailed and set for Pre Purchase on April 10th


ArenaNet and NCSoft have revealed the sexy contents for the Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition versions of their upcoming Guild Wars 2 title. Pictured below are the Physical and the Digital versions of the GW2 Collectors Edition so check it out while you decide which you want to pick up when pre-purchase kicks off on April 10th, 2012 on the Guild Wars 2 Site.

The Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition retails at $159.99/€149.99/£129.99, the Digital Deluxe at $79.99/€74.99/£64.99 and the Standard Edition at $59.99/€54.99/£49.99. (North American Prices to be Confirmed, will update!)

Players may also pre-order Guild Wars 2 at select retailers, allowing them to reserve their copy of the game at launch. Players who pre-order Guild Wars 2 will receive a one-day head start prior to launch.

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