Goats, Toast and Self-Delivering Parcels Await You in the Exceptionally Rated Indie Legends 6 Bundle


Bundle Stars (https://www.bundlestars.com ) has unleashed its eagerly-awaited new Indie Legends Bundle for Steam gamers, featuring an exceptionally rated line-up for only $3.49.

Exclusive to Bundle Stars, Indie Legends 6 Bundle contains 9 must-have games (https://www.bundlestars.com/en/bundle/indie-legends-6-bundle ) which have a retail value of $140. Each Indie Legends Bundle features only the best-rated indie hits on Steam.

What’s in the Indie Legends 6 Bundle?

  • Goat Simulator (Windows, Mac & Linux) – Wreak havoc in an open world, tongue in cheek adventure! The world’s greatest goat game is simply hilarious!
  • The Final Station (Windows, Mac & Linux) – Save the world from the swarms of infected in this atmospheric survival horror. A tense mix of shooting and platforming.
  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut (Windows, Mac & Linux) – Magic, machines and monsters! A tactical RPG with a complex cyberpunk storyline.
  • Clustertruck (Windows, Mac & Linux) – A chaotic physics-based platformer. Jump your way across terribly driven, speeding trucks in this insane “floor-is-lava” game.
  • I Am Bread (Windows, Mac) – Your mission? Become toast! Take on extremely tough puzzle-platform based tasks in the best game since sliced bread.
  • Chroma Squad (Windows, Mac & Linux) – Inspired by Power Rangers, this is a delightful Japanese-themed, turn-based RPG with animated pixel art and chiptunes.
  • Cortex Command (Windows, Mac) – Build an unbreachable subterranean bunker and face wave after wave of enemies in this Terraria-style sci-fi strategy.
  • Unbox (Windows) – Think outside the box in this 90s-style 3D platformer, with an expansive and colourful world to explore and interact with.
  • Vanguard Princess – Director’s Cut Complete (Windows, Mac & Linux) – Enjoy an anime-themed fighting game with an all-girl cast, each with unique fighting moves.

All the games run on Windows. 8 games also work great on Mac, and 6 are Linux compatible. The combined average Steam User Rating is over 87%.

Each game in the bundle is supplied as an individual Steam key, making it easy to claim your valuable loot. All the games are available on the world’s most popular games platform, Steam. Simply download and play the games after purchase using your free Steam account.

Indie Legends 6 Bundle (https://www.bundlestars.com/en/bundle/indie-legends-6-bundle ) is available for a limited period of 2 weeks, so don’t miss out!

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