[GDC 2013] New DARK Gameplay Trailer Showcases Vampiric Skills


DARK logo

Kalypso Media released a brand new gameplay trailer from GDC today that shows off the some of the vampiric skills that protagonist Eric Bane will have at his command in their upcoming stealth game, DARK. Coming in June for PC and XBOX 360, DARK’s gameplay rewards your ability to navigate the levels more stealthy than engaging in combat so the skills you will have at your command are more inherently focused on evasion and stealth than taking down the enemies that abound on your quest for answers. Check it…

In today’s new trailer from Kalypso, you get to see first-hand some of the Inherent skills such as the ‘Shadow Leap’ where Eric transports himself in a cloud of smoke undetected across short distances and ‘Auspex’, a vampiric night vision that picks out enemies by the blood pumping round their bodies. The trailer also showcases some of the darker skills such as the stealthy ‘Shadow Kill’, the deadly ‘Shadow Grip’ and ‘Domination’, a form of vampire mind control

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