GDC 2012 – Quantic Dream Shows Off Their Improved Tech with “Kara”


Quantic Dream’s David Cage revealed a video today at GDC that gives the world a peek at the tech they’ve been developing since they released Heavy Rain. According to the Playstation EU Blog, the “Kara” video (which is not a game trailer, consider it a fancy tech demo run on the Playstation 3 of course)….

“Set in the future, the video shows the story of an android called KARA who experiences human emotions whilst being constructed on a factory line.”

Apparently they’ve had this video up their collective sleeves for over a year, so where they were is interesting, but one’s left wondering how far they’ve come since and when will we get a look at the development now for comparison. Perhaps we might even have that address tomorrow when the Playstation Blog posts up a Q&A with Mr. Cage discussing Kara so we’ll look forward to that. You can also read some of what David Cage said during the presentation over on the US Playstation Blog. Beyond that there isn’t a new game announcement from Quantic Dream to speak of…. yet!

Source: Playstation EU and US

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