Gaia Online Announces Frontier Skies Board Game


Frontier Skies

Game Salute is proud to welcome Gaia Interactive to our family of game developers. Gaia Interactive, the world-class social gaming publisher of Monster Galaxy and host of the world’s largest forum, Gaia Online, recently announced its partnership with Game Salute to publish the official Frontier Skies board game.

Based on the popular steampunk-themed minigame, Frontier Skies brings players on a tabletop journey through the unique world of Gaia Online.

“We’re excited to bring the art, characters, and adventure of Gaia Online to our users through a fun and immersive experience where players get to experience an exciting adventure with their friend’s offline.” said Christopher Castagnetto, Director of Sales & Business Development at Gaia Interactive.

Frontier Skies transforms the art, characters and world of Gaia Online into an exciting adventure with strategic decisions at every turn. Players will compete to build the finest airship while managing their crew, stockpiling supplies and maintaining their valuable discoveries– only the most cunning captain can rule the Frontier Skies as the richest adventurer around!

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