From the Desk of AnjelusX: SOPA/PIPA, Darkness is Coming


Greetings Friends,


I know we have not been reporting on all the developments regarding SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)/ PIPA (Protect IP Act). There are several reasons behind this, mainly would be that wealth of sites that have been covering the daily developments pretty much have you guys covered. Also being based in Canada though many of the writers are American, I haven’t been really looking into the whole developing story as I have more things to do than I have time to do them in.


That said, we will be presenting a special article regarding the whole story , likely to go live tomorrow evening or Tuesday morning. Make no mistake, we are against the letter and the spirit of these two pieces of shi…legislation. They are the  gateway steps to even more encompassing forms of censorship and control of information. Couple this with the recently signed NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) with it’s indefinate detention and what not and the conspiracy theorist in me really starts to wonder where all of this is going. Mind you, that’s just playing a fast and loose game of connect the dots on my part, however you see my point.


Now then, the point of all all of this is simple. We are joining the growing list of sites that are going dark on the 18th in protest of both SOPA/PIPA. Of course we don’t condone Piracy, but likewise we do not and will not condone extreme measures set forth by any government of group that infringes on the rights of the people or impedes the free flow of information.


We will have something special done up for the 18th when we go dark, and as I mentioned look for our special feature piece on SOPA/PIPA to come out in the next day or so.


We are all citizens of our respective countries, but as active participants in this thing we call the internet, we are citizens of the world, so we will stand up against censorship be it at home or abroad.


The Spice Must Flow!

~David “AnjelusX” Slauenwhite

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