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It’s been over a year since the last livecast episode which Matt and I did together. We had a blast doing them, but like a lot of things, live interrupts. In the time since he’s gone off and became a mission designer at Trion working on Defiance (lucky bastard). I’ve been toiling behind the scenes here at Anjel Syndicate while working on various and sundry projects. Our last entry is still around and you can check it out if you like below.

All that said, I have tinkered on the idea of resurrecting the live cast with a new or with new co-host(s) and I’ve decided to proceed along those lines. While writing up news, covering games and what not is enjoyable. There’s something exciting about sitting around with good people discussing or even debating the happenings in the industry, games, game journalism, movies, and all points between in geek culture. So I’m going to be on the hunt for a voice or 3 to join me in this adventure. I’m also going to be looking to set up some conversations with industry folks. I’m not one for the traditional interview style that is normally pursued by people. I’ve always preferred a more organic conversation approach that will chase down wild random tangents and move away from trite question and answer formulas and really just relax and chat about life, love, and the pursuit of high level loot. If you’re interested, drop me a comment below, hit me up on the social media or drop me a message/email/carrier pigeon. We’ll see what we can get started and move our content into a new stage going forward.

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PS: I’m really hungry for pancakes, hence the title.

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