Free-to-Play coming to Xbox 360


Microsoft is positioning their LIVE service to be the center of mobile, PC, and console entertainment by bring free-to-play games to the Xbox 360 console.

Microsoft is fostering new relationships with developers in a bid to bring F2P gaming to Xbox. Several sources have disclosed to Develop that Microsoft is calling on developers to discuss free-to-play game deals, behind the scenes. These games will be ones that can either be monetized by upgrading to premium service or by in game items that can be purchased through micro-transactions.

The 360 operating system will incorporate a micro-transaction service where in game items will be exchanged for Microsoft Points on the fly.

The Xbox manufacturer would not comment on the matter.

So what are your thoughts on free-to-play games coming to your console experience? Would you be willing to trade your Microsoft points for in game items or premium service? Keep in mind that MMO players have been doing it for years with free-to-play games that use micro-transactions to keep their servers running and the game in development, but as a console player would you want to play games this way? Leave your comments and thoughts below.

Source: Develop

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