Forsaken World Mobile Brings More Info on New Expansion


8581c33d-39d3-4a37-ae02-69d4ed82814fFor fans of Forsaken World Mobile, the good news keeps on rolling in. In another announcement regarding the upcoming expansion for the hit mobile MMORPG, Fedeen Games revealed a monumental shift in the role each player’s Faerie character will play in the overall gaming experience. Additionally, Fedeen has also provided even more information about the exciting new 3V3 Arena.

In Forsaken World Mobile, players may retreat to their individual Dreamscapes, a safe refuge and home to each player’s personal Faerie. There, they can offer tribute to their Faerie in exchange for blessings and buffs. With the upcoming expansion, players will be able to access a whole new set of options to determine how they prefer to best utilize this relationship. The Faerie will be given her own set of attributes, which players may improve in true RPG fashion. They’ll also be able to equip her with her own Relics. All these additional upgrades will translate into even more significant bonuses for the player’s character.

It’s not a moment too late, either, because with the new 3V3 Arena, players will need all the help they can get. Players looking for a more collaborative PVP experience will now be able to form teams of three and battle each other in real-time for supremacy in the arena. These team battles will only be available once per week, and with loads of rewards at stake, players won’t want to miss out on these thrilling battles.

With more news is still yet to come regarding the massive FWM expansion, this is shaping up to be an incredible release.

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